Show Rules

WaterWerks Show Rules

  1.  WATERWERKS staff to include facility management, parking staff, front gate personnel, show judges and event coordinators.
  2. Obey all traffic rules at the event.
  3. Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  4. Follow and abide by all of the directions of the WATERWERKS staff. Park in designated areas only.
  5. Please do not litter and clean up after yourself before you leave. There will be garbage cans though out the event.
  6. Available security officials will enforce all rules and regulations set by WATERWERKS, the facility, and the City of the event.
  7. Drugs, alcohol, nudity, the use of illegal substances or violence will not be tolerated. Disorderly party(s) will be escorted by security officials out of the event with no refund and banned from further WATERWERKS events.
  8. All vendors, sponsors, participants, and spectators must wear shoes. Any bare-footed person(s) will not be allowed into the event.
  9. All Giveaway winners must be present to receive their winning prizes.
  10.  Do not block emergency exits or lanes.
  11.  All Decisions by WATERWERKS staff will be final and not open to appeal.
  12.  WATERWERKS and involved parties are not responsible for any stolen, damaged, or abused vehicles or personal belongings while left unattended at the event.
  13. Please lock your personal belongings and vehicle while away from them at all times.
  14.  No music is allow to be played for your vehicle. You may like your music, but the person parked next to you might not. Please respect the people around you.
  15.  The maximum speed limit is 5mph while on show grounds. No Exceptions!
  16.  Follow and abide by all WATERWERKS and the facility signs, rules, and regulations.
  17.  Please use extreme caution and keep children away from moving vehicles through spectator areas.
  18.  WATERWERKS officials reserve the right to close registration before listed date/time without notice or refund to registered participants.
  19.  WATERWERKS officials reserve the right to hold open registration longer than the listed date/time without notice or refund to registered participants.
  20.  The organizers reserve the right of selection or refusal of any person and/or vehicle without refund.
  21.  Show vehicles will be allowed to come and go as need. Please get your hand stamped before leaving so you can get back in.
  22.  Vehicles on the premises 1 hour after the event end time on the day of the event will be towed at owner’s risk and expense.
  23.  Support vehicles must be attended while on the premises during show set-up and tear-down.
  24.  No music from display cars or support vehicles for the duration of the event and during set-up and tear-down.
  25. No drilling, digging, cutting, or otherwise damaging property to set-up any displays.
  26. All attendees (participants, and spectators) will be subject to the liability statement below, and there will be signs posted for public display on the day of the event. Your registration and acceptance of the rules is your statement that you accept the liability statement as well.

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