WaterWerks is very committed to judging cars at our events as accurate as possible. We always have experienced, non-biased judges on our judging staff. To make the results more consistent we often have teams of 3-6 people judge every car in any one show. This keeps the playing field level throughout the entire show. Please down load a example of the judging form here before reading this page to get an idea of exactly how the form works.


Judging Style

WaterWerks is changing the style of judging this year. Stay tuned for further info.


What we look for

You ultimately decide where you will place. By looking at judging form, you will see where you need to improve your car. Print out the judging form before you start detailing. While cleaning look at the form and see what we will be looking for. Did you vacuum under the seat? Did you detail the door jambs? Did you clean the jambs next to the rear trunk or hatch? Look over every aspect of your car and think, ‘Is that clean enough?’ ‘What can I do to improve on this area?’


Vehicle Age

Age of the vehicle is factored in when we judge every car. So a 1988 car will have the same points consideration as a brand new car that was just purchased off the show room floor.


Top Scores

Top scores in each category gets best of that category. So best interior goes to the person with the highest points for interior. Same with best of show. Top scorer in the show get best of show.



All cars start at the middle of each category. Say with paint. There may be 20 possible points. Every cars starts with a 10 when judging begins. You may get +1 for the paint being detailed, +1 for waxed and +1 for being buffed. You can also get deductions, such as -1 for swirls in the paint or -1 for a door ding. You will get bonus points for extra work. So if a car has a respray with 2-3 coat of pearl clear coat you may get +3 or 4 points depending on the quality. But extra stuff can back fire on you too. It may have 2-3 coats of pearl clear coat, but it was not wet sanded (-1) and there are tape lines around all the windows (-1). Just look at all the details when you do anything. Another example, If a sway bar was installed, but you used rusty bolts, 15 holes were drilled to get the holes correct, and the bar is crooked on the strut tower, you will get deducted points. This same mentality goes with all of the categories.


West-coast Car Show Series Points Standings

In 2014 we are starting a West-coast Car Show Series points standings (WCSS) class. Every show you participate in that uses the WCSS points system will be calculated in at the end of every show season. The top winners will receive top honor prizes at a banquet or event we will be planning at the end of the calendar year. the more WCSS events you participate in, the more point get calculated. We are inviting all West-coast car shows to participate in this. Please contact us if you would like to uses these point standings at your event or show.



Keep in mind when you are detailing your car, installing after market items or generally modifying your car what we look for when judging. Our motto is clean, clean, clean. The cleaner the car, the more points you will get.

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